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Out Of Hours Emergency Contact Information

GAS LEAK: If you smell gas immediately call Southern Gas Networks on 0800 111 999. N.B. it is of the upmost importance that you do not switch on any electrical equipment while you are waiting for the engineer as the resultant spark could cause and explosion.

LOST KEYS: You will need to instruct an out of hours locksmith (at your own expense) to gain entry or wait until the office is open to be given a replacement key N.B. please note that any replacement key is an allowable expense and therefore chargeable to the tenant.

In the event of an emergency occurring outside of office hours please contact "Done & Dusted" by calling the telephone number(s) below.

Before using these numbers we would ask you to consider whether your situation is an emergency or whether it can be resolved the following day (Monday morning if occurring at a weekend). If you live in a block and for example have a leak coming from the flat above, it will be necessary to call the agent dealing with the block management to resolve the issue, their contact details are usually in the entrance hall of the building.

Is the emergency:

-          an uncontainable water leak

-          an electrical problem that impacts on fridge/freezer, heating and hot water or no lighting

-          a broken window with security implications

-          you are locked out of the property (please be aware if this is due to you losing keys you will be charged for a change of locks)

N.B. Please note that malfunctioning boilers, leaking taps, roof leaks or blown light bulbs are examples of non-emergency maintenance and if contractors are instructed to attend out of hours for issues such as these your Landlord may well expect reimbursement in full.

Done & Dusted -    ☎️01273 758757    or    📱 07805 569727

How do I pay my rent?

After the initial payment you will pay monthly by Standing Order. You will need to cancel your standing order at the end of the tenancy.

What happens to my deposit?

It will be registered with The Tenancy Dispute Service  

How do I get my deposit back?

After you vacate a Check out inspection will be carried out and then in accordance with the TDS scheme rules we will negotiate the return of you deposit. Once agreement is reached we will return your deposit promptly into your chosen bank account.

What if I disagree with the amount of my deposit refunded?

We will always try and negotiate any deductions with you but if agreement cannot be reached then you can raise a Dispute with the Free to use service of the TDS.

What happens if there is a problem with my property?

You should (and are obliged to) report any maintenance issues to Home Leasing. We will then take instruction from the Landlord and arrange repairs in accordance with those instructions. In some cases Landlords may carry out their own repairs.

Who pays for repairs?

Normally when there is a malfunction or breakdown the Landlord will pay.

Occasionally when it is by a fault of the tenant then the tenant will be asked to Pay (for example by not checking the washing machine filter is blocked before reporting a washing machine broken).

Who pays the bills?

Tenants pay for Gas, Electric, Water and Telecommunications. Tenants have the right to choose their own supplier in order to get the best deal.

If any of these are included in the rent you will be advised before taking the tenancy.

Can I have a pet?

Only with the permission of the landlord. An extra amount of deposit will be requested and a commitment from you to have the property fumigated at the end of the tenancy. An addendum to agree the above will be added to the tenancy agreement.

Do I need Insurance?

Yes, you are advised to take out any insurance for your possessions. In addition some policies offer a small amount of cover for accidental damage by you to the landlord’s property.

Can I decorate?

Only with the permission of the landlord and then only in neutral colours.

Can I make minor repairs / improvements?

If there is a problem with the property, you are obliged to report it to Home Leasing. But if you wish, for example, to put up shelves, you will need the landlord’s permission. If approved by the landlord, we have a friendly team of contractors / handymen who might be able to help you.

Can my landlord enter the property?

The landlord or the managing agent will give you sufficient notice (minimum 24 hours) to advise that access to the property is required, except in an emergency, like a burst pipe.

What if I leave early?

You will be liable for the rent payments up to the date your tenancy ends, if no replacement tenant is found. If a replacement tenant is found to take over the remainder of your tenancy, the replacement tenant must be referenced by Home Leasing and agency fees will be payable. There is also a cancellation fee payable. If you are deciding to leave the property before your tenancy ends, contact Home Leasing to discuss what options are available.

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